Boob Sweat, Be Gone.

4 Bras That Keep You Cool

From beach days to barbecues, summer is a time to unwind and relax. But who can enjoy themselves when they are sweating from the hot summer sun? Not I! Not to mention, the recent humidity here in NY has had me sweating THROUGH my bras - not a good look!

That made me think: If only there were bras that helped with this inconvenience....well good news, there is! Wearing a bra is an extra layer of fabric thrown on causing you to be even hotter and sweat more. My first tip is to wear bras with less padding. One of my favorites is the Unlined Front Close Lace Bra from SOMA

This bra has little padding which will allow more air to flow through. It also minimizes back fat and clasps in the front for easy use. Now let’s talk fabrics. Just like you wear light, comfortable clothing in the summer, the same goes for your bra. So sticking to satins and microfibers are the better option. They even have cooling comfort fabric bras on the market. They are designed to keep you cool. The Warners Play It Cool Wireless Bra is a great option. The CHILL FX™ lining in the cups cools and wicks away moisture. Now for my plus size ladies, these cooling bras are also great for you. The French full coverage Cooling Bra by Lane Bryant is a great staple to have. It comes in a wide range of sizes and will completely cover your girls. And we can’t forget about my pregnant gals. Motherhood Maternity has a great selection of bras for nursing and one of my favorites is the Jessica Simpson Seamless Convertibles Nursing Bra. A comfortable bra is super important especially after having a baby and underwire chafing is the last thing you want. This bra is made with light fabrics and has just enough padding to cover you. It has clip down double openings for nursing which is super convenient. And my favorite part is the 5 rows of hooks! This detail is awesome when you are still losing the baby weight.

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