Stylish Ways to Beat Sweat…

Now we all know the one thing that EVERY woman hates, is sweat. We do everything we can to avoid this problem. And don’t even get me started on boob sweat! Let’s be real, how many different deodorants have you tried? I know, I’ve tried all of them in the book. Wouldn’t you like to know stylish tips on how to beat it? I am here to tell you all of my beating sweat secrets, let’s show that sweat who’s boss!

Working out, but burning out…

Imagine yourself at the gym, you just ran a couple miles and you’re getting some ab workouts in. That seems like a great image, right? Well, now imagine the amount of sweat that is dripping from your face down your body. Now that image doesn’t seem as great. The whole point of working out is to look great, you want to feel confident, bold, and really make a statement. Of course, when we work out we’re going to sweat, and sometimes that sweat does feel good. But let’s be real, do you really want to look all sweaty at the gym or do you want to look fabulous and fierce while getting your perfect body? My biggest secret for this is to purchase sports bras with cooling fabrics that are specifically made to beat sweat.

One of my favorite companies that sell bras is, Soma. The best part about this site is that you are able to shop by your cup size. This makes your online shopping so much easier! Soma is known for their bras having amazing support, and the sports bras are to die for! The Freya Molded Sports Bra, is one of my favorite sports bras on this site! It comes in three different colors, so you are able to mix and match it with your workout leggings! The best part about this bra is it has built in breathable spacer fabric within the molded cups. It also includes inner slings for maximum support and Coolmax inner support and wicks away moisture. These features are meant to allow your breasts to breath better. Instead of suffocating, your breasts will feel so supported and be able to get some air!

If you’re overheating…

When you sweat, your face becomes all red and blotchy. Even when you put makeup on it still comes through and nothing seems to work. A stylish way to get rid of this problem is purchasing a fashionable hand fan. Instead of buying one of those misting fans or using one of your kid’s, purchasing a fashionable hand fan will show off your style and have other women admiring your cooling tactics.

However, another way to cool off is using a facial spray. One of the most popular facial sprays is Evian Facial Spray, this comes in a small bottle, and whenever you feel the heat all you need to do is give a little spritz to refresh your face. I’m telling you ladies, it works! You are able to purchase this spray and many others like it at different department stores such as, Nordstrom, Ulta Beauty, Walgreens, Etc.

Another tip to cool down is to purchase small, flexible, soft ice packs. If you are over heating then all you need to do is put them in your bra and you will cool right off! I know it sounds crazy right! Just imagine how good it will feel when it’s a hot day and you able to cool yourself down right away. Yes, now that image looks great!

Keep away from the grease…

We all know one of the worse things is when you have greasy hair or if you can’t get rid of oily skin. Don’t you just want to hide somewhere so other people don’t see it, I know I do! A great way to make sure your hair does not become greasy is using dry shampoo. This has become such a great product that women are going crazy for. All you need to do is separate your hair into parts and spray the dry shampoo from a distance, and there you go! There are so many brands of dry shampoo such as, Not Your Mother’s “Clean Freak”, Batiste, popular companies such as, Dove, Etc. Many of these bottles come in travel size, so if you have greasy hair you are able to spray on the go! These brands are available at any retail store.

In addition, a great way to keep the oil in your T-Zone under control are blotting papers, these come in very handy and many different companies make them. One of my favorites is Palladio Rice Blotting Paper. The papers from this specific brand are coded with powder. Right when you blot your face it soaks the oil up immediately. These packs come with up to 50 sheets, that will keep the shine at bay! You are able to purchase this brand at Walmart and Sally’s Beauty Supply.

And on that aforementioned boob sweat, take a simple solid deodorant and rub under your breasts before you put your bra on. It really keeps moisture at bay!

Beating it…

Ladies if you follow these tips I can assure you that you will be sweat free! You will have the best ideas on how to beat sweat while still looking trendy. Keep on being you and wipe that sweat away!

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