Summer Time Fun

So, we all know that Memorial Day Weekend is coming up… what better way to start the weekend off than having new bathing suit tips! This summer is bringing in so many new trends. Of course, ladies we want to look great at the beach, so take a listen in and see what this summer’s new trends have to offer!

1. If you want a modest stylish look… There are so many ways you can achieve this goal, one of my favorites is the Women’s Strappy High-neck Tankini Top paired with the Women’s Flounce Mini Swim Mini Skirt from Land’s End! This stylish bathing suit portrays a unique design that incorporates stripes and flowers all in one. This is the new upcoming style… pairing two types of designs creates a more distinct look. If you’re a lady with more of a pear-shaped body which would be your bottom half is wider, than the Women’s Flounce Mini Swim Mini Skirt is for you because it shows your curves off in a more modest way with being sexy and cute at the same time!

2. A sexy one piece that also shows off class… Now, when I’m at the water park or the pool with my kids, I like to wear a one piece to you know, keep everything all in there! But who says a one piece can’t be sexy! One of my favorite one pieces is the Women’s Perfect Square Neck One Piece Swimsuit with Tummy Control from Lands’ End. This specific bathing suit is combined with a solid navy with colorful flowers along the sides. This is meant to make the body appear slimmer but also is meant to accentuate your curves, who doesn’t want that!

3. When you want to appear instantly slimmer… There is a way to look instantly slimmer and give off a flirty cute look at the same time, I know it’s hard to believe right! Well, the Women’s Slender Wrap One Piece Swimsuit with Tummy Control from Land’s End is the perfect bathing suit for you. This bathing suit has spandex built into it so right when you put it on your stomach it is flattened. My favorite part about this bathing suit is the color! It is an Electric Blue Ombre, this also creates the illusion that your body is slimmer and it gives off that stylish and flirty look that we all want!

4. Bring on the Bikinis… When you wear a bikini, you want to show off your body the best way you can. The hot new trend for this summer is geometric patterns. This is a fun new look that will make anyone stand out. The Women’s Halter Bikini Top paired with the Women’s Tassel Low Waist Hipster Bikini Bottoms from Land’s End is a style that is meant for comfort but displays a stylish, fun, and sexy look all in one. The color is an Athens’s Blueprint Mix, this design has more than one pattern and it really makes someone stand out, I just love the tassels on the sides of the bottoms!

Ladies, go out there and find your perfect style! No matter the body shape you can work with what you have, Land’s End is one of my favorite companies because it really makes your shopping personal. You can shop by clicking your size range and can even find a bathing suit to fit you better by picking your specific size. There are so many promotions on this site and you can buy enough bathing suits for the whole family and at a low price! Find those bathing suits ladies, and show off what you got!

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