What I Love About Bras

Okay, okay… We all know by now that I love bras! I bet some of you ask yourselves why that is. If you don’t, well I’m here to tell you anyways! Some ideas may just shine a new light on bras for you…

  1. There’s a bra for every occasion. Whether you are getting glammed up for the most important gala of the year or just have to run to the grocery store, there is a bra for you. If you know me, then you know I would never leave you ladies hanging without showing you some of the best bras out there!

Glam Night Out... Please, No Fall Out! We all need that one strapless bra for a big night out that we won’t have to worry about. Nobody wants to be pulling up their bra every few steps, it will completely take away from the look! That’s why the “Enhancing Shape Strapless Push Up Bra” by Soma is my favorite. It is contoured and shaped in the perfect way to add shape and lift, but is invisible under anything. Best of all, it does not slip!

The Everyday Bra

You know those days when you have to run a few errands, or pick up the kids from school, and you’re not trying to bust out the bright red, laced-up, push-up bra? Well, I bring to you my favorite t-shirt bra! The “Wire Free Racer Back Bra” by Yummie. It is comfortable and lightweight, while still giving you a little lift.

  1. They’re Always There for You When You’re Feeling Low We all have those days where we want more perkier pair. Or maybe you haven’t had one of those days yet, but you want to prevent it from happening. Well, that is why I love the magic of a good bra! It doesn’t even need to be a push-up, if you find them uncomfortable. There are lots of bras that help give you the lift you need to brighten your day. A Push-Up Bra That Actually Perks Your Pair Up No other push-up bra is as comfortable as the one by Soma. Trust me, I have tried my fair share of push-ups, and the majority are super uncomfortable and make me feel constricted. Not this one! It’s like and everyday bra that lifts you up at the same time!

  2. Ego Boost There is something about buying a new bra that makes me feel like a new woman. I love how they have the power to do that! Now, if you’re like me, and you love going shopping for a new bra, but you also don’t want to break the bank at Victoria’s Secret… I am here to help you out! Look Bangin’ on a Budget That’s right, you heard it here! The Memorable Full Coverage Bra by Soma is smart, sexy, and affordable. Starting at only $29.99, this bra is, well… memorable. You can also get 20% off that price when you sign up for the email list! Enough said. Let’s move on, ladies. Do it for the Girls We all love to treat ourselves once in a while, so when you want to spend a little extra on a nice bra for the girls, there’s one that comes to mind. I would definitely splurge on the Sensuous Lace Unlined Bra by Soma. Not only is it gorgeous, but the wide back shows your skin off, and the comfort makes you feel all the more confident.

If you enjoyed reading about my take on bras, there is plenty more to come! Head to my Bra Expert Facebook page, or check out my Instagram account to stay up to date on daily life and all things bras!

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