Why You Should Always Wear a Bra (Even While You’re Sleeping!)

“Can I ditch my bra while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic?” Asked one headline. “Lockdown for weeks? Cool, no bra!” Exclaimed another. There were many like this over the past year, and declarations of tossing our stiff foam, underwire-laden bras in favor of something more comfortable – or in some cases, nothing at all – were made by millions of women. While there are many women (and an influx of memes) who claim their favorite thing after a long day is taking off their bra, it’s a whole other thing to just skip wearing one altogether. While you may feel more “free,” you could be doing irreparable damage. It’s also completely unnecessary to let the girls hang free, when there are comfortable and supportive options available.

Beat the Bounce

When you’re working out, you have your trusty SHEFITÒ Flex, Ultimate and Low for all your activities. But what about the rest of the time? Studies of women simply walking on a treadmill, have shown that breasts move up and down about 15 centimeters during physical activity. Even as small as an A-cup, can move about 3.5 centimeters, or the length of a paperclip. Typically, our breasts will move in figure 8 pattern. That means, even on “rest” days, while you’re chasing the kids around, working from home, doing housework or going for a walk around the block with the dog, you’ve got to support the girls.

Think about it. Your breasts are comprised of ligaments and fatty tissue and they continuously stretch over time. Without proper support, you’re just adding to the effects of gravity. Besides worrying about sagging (which we all do), many women experience pain and discomfort, and even posture problems. Not good if you’re hunched over a computer all day on zoom meetings – which is even more reason to find and wear the proper fitting bra!

Bras Have Your Back

The wrong bra, or not wearing one at all for extended periods of time, can be a real pain in the neck – literally! Your bra works by not only distributing the weight of your breasts to take pressure off your neck and back, it also uplifts the bustline to help you stand up straighter while making you look thinner and younger. With new technology in design and fabrics (especially those made with nylon and spandex), you can find something that’s uplifting, supportive (even for us larger- busted gals!) and still comfortable enough to wear lounging around the house!

Bras & Bedtime

There are lots of myths out there when it comes to whether or not you should sleep in your bra. A sports bra style in particular is designed to restrict movement. The less our breasts are moving and bouncing up and down, the less chance for strain and over time, sagging. When we’re asleep, we aren’t necessarily moving, so it’s not as necessary to wear a bra while you sleep. However, some women, especially those with larger breasts, or sore breasts due to menstruating or menopause, simply feel more comfortable sleeping in their bra. And comfort is what it’s all about, ladies!

Which is the best bra to sleep in?

1. Non-wired: An underwire can bend, poke, prod and otherwise cause discomfort. Skip it.

2. Soft: It should be made from materials that feel soft against your skin, like nylon, and have a bit of stretch to move with you as you roll over throughout the night. Chafing can happen if the fabric or seams are too rough or irritating. Look for something seamless.

3. Comfortable straps: Straps should be on the wider side and comfortable. Too-tight straps can cause irritation, shoulder indents and even bruises.

4. Size matters: You should get fitted regularly, even if you’ve lost or gained as little as 5 lbs or are undergoing a hormone-related or other life change that could affect your body (such as postpartum). Find a brand like SHEFIT that has certified fitters on hand to help, to make sure your bra fits your body properly.

5. Quality: Don’t be afraid to invest money in a good bra that will last for a long time.

6. Support: In ANY bra you choose, be sure the girls are positioned halfway between your shoulder and your elbow in your bra, as you look at yourself square in the mirror. That means they are being properly supported!

So, what bra should I choose?

For those days that you don’t really want to wear a bra – but know you should… SHEFIT has responded with the perfect blend between sports support and lounging. The new Lounge Bra has lined, wireless cups with contoured seams to mold perfectly to the body and feel super soft against your skin (which means it’s suitable for long wearings!)

The removable modesty pads mean you can slip them in for that zoom meeting, and then take them out after. With body-mapping technology, SHEFIT’s Lounge Bra keeps the girls lifted and centered at all times. The seamless blend of nylon, polyester and spandex gives it 4-way stretch compression and makes it ultra-lightweight and breathable – no chafing, rubbing, or slipping! The extra wide rib band and racer back design add support, and the straps lie flat against the body without digging in. It zips up the front, making it easy to put on and off. And it even comes in a mesh bag for proper washing (because proper care is everything!)

Now that you know what not wearing a bra can do to your bustline, and that there’s a comfortable option you’ll love wearing, there’s no excuse! From working out to rest days and even catching those zzzz’s, SHEFIT has you covered, 24/7. Yay!

Join me on Monday April 12th at 3 PM ET on the SheFit Instagram page as founder Sara and I unveil this exciting new innovation for the brand, plus giveaways and more. You won’t want to miss!

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