Why You Should Still Wear a Bra, Even at Home

By Jene Luciani, Bestselling Author of The Bra Book, 2nd edition

Originally published on Soma.com 

You’ve probably seen the headlines: “Can I ditch my bra while self-isolating during the pandemic?” Asks one. “Lockdown for four weeks? Cool, no bra!” Exclaims another. There are many women who state their favorite thing after a long day is taking off their bra, but it doesn’t mean you should skip wearing one altogether. While you may feel more “free,” you could be doing irreparable damage.

Beat the Bounce

Studies have shown that our breasts move up and down about 15 centimeters during physical activity. Your breasts are comprised of ligaments and fatty tissue. Without proper support, they continuously stretch over time, so if you’re not wearing a bra, you’re adding to the effects of gravity. In addition to worrying about sagging (which most of us do), many women experience pain and discomfort, and even posture problems. So, if you’re  chasing the kids around the house, doing housework, or taking the dog for a walk around the block, you’ve got to support the girls.

Bras Have Your Back

The wrong bra, or not wearing one at all for extended periods of time, can be a real pain in the neck – literally! Your bra works by not only distributing the weight of your breasts to take pressure off your neck and back, it also uplifts the bustline to make you look thinner & younger and helps your stand up straighter. With new technology in design and fabrics (especially those made with microfiber and extra spandex), you can find something that’s still uplifting and supportive (even for us larger busted gals!) but still comfortable enough to wear around the house.

Also, if you’re watching your daughter literally “develop” before your eyes, check out my new book GiGi Gets a Bra which is a lighthearted look at the coming of age journey for a girl and her mom, and shopping tips for moms and dads alike! 

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